Types of Packaging Methods in Brookville, NY

Packaging can help build brand recognition and make your products stand out, as well as improve user convenience.

No matter if it is for protecting an initial package from environmental factors or for transporting multiple items at once, packaging methods exist that will meet all these needs. Some examples include:

Primary Packaging

Primary packaging, the initial point of contact between your product and consumers, protects it from tampering, contamination and spoilage. From cans for your hummus or water bottles to cardboard boxes holding packets of tissues – primary packaging must be durable yet presentable so as to combine utility and communication effectively.

Rigid packaging such as jars, glass bottles, plastic containers and cartons help your products maintain their shape while also providing excellent protection from impacts and leakage. Rigid packaging has long been used in beverage, food and cosmetic industries.

Hemp Juice employs innovative packaging that meets marketing. They combine retail boxes with cardboard mailer boxes in order to send their goods safely and efficiently online. This form of packaging meets marketing in an ideal manner.

Secondary Packaging

Secondary packaging may not be visible to end consumers, but it plays an integral part of product delivery. From the handle on a gallon-sized milk jug to child resistance caps on gummy vitamins, secondary packages serve a number of utilitarian functions while protecting primary packaging from damage during its journey from distribution centers and retail stores.

Secondary packaging methods are utilized by both online retailers and big box stores in order to transport products from shipping containers directly onto store shelves. Also referred to as tertiary packaging, these large boxes or pallets combine multiple units of secondary packaging together for transport in order to reduce shipping costs and streamline supply chain operations.

Tertiary Packaging

Tertiary packaging provides the final layer of container protection before shipping products to warehouses and retailers. Although not directly interfacing with products, this layer plays a key role in protecting primary and secondary packaging during transport and storage – just think of all those boxes encasing cans of soda at your local supermarket! Or those that protect an assortment of individual bags of saltines stored together on a pallet!

Packaging often includes branded containers designed specifically to hold multiple units for sale, which helps speed up restocking from warehouse to storeroom and shelf. Packaging also serves to brand products as well as communicate printed information to consumers about them.

Tertiary packaging is usually not seen by consumers; instead it forms the backbone of warehouse and manufacturing operations. Tertiary packages often take the form of industrial boxes, plastic crates or pallets designed to fit into shipping containers while withstanding freight transport’s rough conditions.

Industrial Crates & Trays

Industrial crates provide an effective means of safeguarding and transporting goods safely. Their various advantages include reduced damage in transit and storage, enhanced product protection, faster order fulfillment and an enhanced buying experience for your customers.

Transport containers are commonly utilized in the dairy and fishery industries to safely transport milk and seafood products, while they’re also ideal for transporting vegetables, fruits, and other perishable goods in hot or humid conditions.

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Plastic crates are easy to clean and sanitize while also being strong and rigid – they help save both labour and fuel costs during transport as they are lighter than wooden ones. Alison Handling stocks both new and recycled plastic crates in various sizes that can be customized with partitions, printing or embossing to meet specific requirements.