3 Packaging News For New York in 1 August 2022

packaging news in august 2022

If you’re looking for packaging news for New York in August 2022, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got news about the the new SunDance biodegradable paper pouch, and more. You’ll also find the latest news on biopolymer nanocomposites, biodegradable biopolymer packaging, and more.

Canmaking News

Canmaking News is an industry-leading online magazine focused on metal packaging. It was founded in 2003, and has a team of experienced journalists, qualified graduates and sales specialists from around the world. The team operates out of the UK and travels extensively to attend industry events. In addition to providing news and information, Canmaking News includes a comprehensive directory of suppliers and can makers.


Sustainable medicine packaging innovations are revolutionizing the world of healthcare and YewMaker is leading the charge. At a new award ceremony to be held on 14 September in Geneva, YewMaker will showcase three innovative award winners in sustainable medicine packaging design. These award winners will showcase the latest advances in sustainable packaging designs and processes.

YewMaker is a sustainable healthcare innovation incubator. It is home to an innovative team of researchers who are working to solve waste problems. Its founders, including scientists and entrepreneurs, believe waste is a global issue that affects all sectors of the healthcare industry. However, these sectors tend to work in silos and fail to make a systemic change without a unified strategy.

Constantia Flexibles

Constantia Flexibles recently launched a new recyclable mono-material PP laminate, PERPETUA ALTA. This material is suitable for pharmaceutical packaging and offers outstanding chemical resistance. In addition, the company has scaled up its CompressSeal micro embossing technology, resulting in a more efficient and lightweight packaging solution.

Constantia Flexibles is the third largest flexible packaging manufacturer in the world. It is owned by the Wendel Group (61%), the Arepo Foundation (27%) and Maxburg Capital Partners, a French investment management firm. With 38 production sites in 16 countries, Constantia Flexibles employs over 8,600 people worldwide. Its packaging solutions are used by global brands and local retailers.

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In addition to its long-established product lines, Constantia is focusing on sustainability by acquiring a majority stake in FFP Packaging Solutions. This company was founded in 1967 and manufactures flexible consumer packaging. Its products include flow wraps, lidded films, and pre-made pouches. This acquisition will add to Constantia’s portfolio and expand the company’s presence in the UK.