4 Digital Signage Apps For Android in New York

Android is a great option if you’re looking for an app to control your digital signage. But, there are some things to keep in mind when choosing an Android app. Read on to find out more. OptiSigns and ScreenScape are just a few options. You can also check out Promota and NowSignage. These apps are designed to work on both Android and iOS devices.


If you’re trying to install the OptiSigns digital signage app on your Android device, you’ll need a program called MemuPlay. This lightweight emulator comes with an icon for Google Playstore. Simply type ‘OptiSigns digital signage app’ in the search box and press enter. Then, tap the install button to install the app. The app will now appear in the application menu.

The free OptiSigns app is compatible with many hardware devices. Compatible with Raspberry Pi, Roku, LG Commercial, and BrightSign, this app runs on these devices. It is also compatible with the $30 Fire stick. Once you’ve installed it, you can customize the app’s features. For a minimal cost, you can install the OptiSigns app on your smart TV or other Android device.


ScreenScape is a cloud-based digital signage software that helps businesses manage content on multiple screens. It includes asset management, layout creation, media editing, and file sharing. The app offers predefined templates and media libraries. Users can add content and create playlists for different screens. Managers can provide role-based access to different staff members and deploy content across their network. ScreenScape is available for free in Google Play and is compatible with most Android devices.

The app offers a variety of content design tools that make it easy to create interactive content and influence your target audience. The software also offers a variety of dynamic widgets for digital signage, and you can schedule content to play when you need it. ScreenScape supports multiple screens and is compatible with Android, Windows, and Chrome OS devices. It requires Google Chrome licenses, which is a prerequisite for many businesses.


NowSignage is a digital signage application that runs on Android devices. It allows users to upload content, schedule and manage it, and then play it. Users can also control content, monitor social media posts, and approve apps. NowSignage is a revolutionary new solution for digital signage that disrupts the traditional market. Read on to discover what it offers. This digital signage app for Android will change the way you manage digital signage.

NowSignage is a cloud-based digital signage CMS, a cloud-based application that gives you the power to manage content across all your screens. It is designed for retail, office, and campus screens, and enables targeted content delivery. NowSignage’s scheduling tool allows you to fully automate content and create seasonal campaigns. Moreover, users can plan when they want the content to appear on screen. Plus, NowSignage uses innovative technology to optimise uploaded content and plays in offline mode, reducing the dependence on a stable internet connection. It also offers the most advanced social media search facility. RSS feeds are also integrated, making it easy to incorporate social media content into your signage.

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When it comes to digital signage, you might think that you need a complicated content management system or a complex portal to create your ads. But thanks to the Promota digital signage app on Google Play, you don’t have to worry about either. You can create stunning visuals in minutes with Promota, and you don’t have to spend hours on design work to create attractive displays. You can create and share your digital signage right from your smartphone.

You can download the free Android application and get started with your business in a matter of minutes. Android has a great mobile user experience, and it can connect to a cloud-based digital signage software via WiFi or cellular. This is particularly convenient if you plan to use the signage on remote sites or in areas that are difficult to reach by regular means. You can even create an account to create and manage digital signage content from anywhere in the world.