A Central Management System For Digital Signage in New York

system for digital signage in new york

New York’s MTA Construction and Development department has begun modernizing its digital signage system, including adding 9,000 additional screens to the subway in the next twelve to fourteen months. This project will provide customers with real-time information about subway schedules and other services, as well as generating advertising revenue. Today, the MTA system has five-thousand screens in subway stations, and MTA C&D plans to add screens to every one of its 472 stations by 2023.

The city’s iconic NYC Ferry service has just launched a new fleet of vessels and is installing a new digital signage solutions that enables on-board and dockside integration. Diversified worked with NYC Ferry to determine the needs of the organization and the features that were important for its digital signage system. Among the requirements for the system were rule-based automation for content distribution, scalability, and ease of management. The city relies on transportation and needed to continue operating efficiently without interrupting the schedules of their ferry services.

The new digital signage system helps commuters who use NYC Ferry. It provides real-time information about arrival times and status of Citi Bike stations. Passengers can also enjoy menu boards, colorful advertisements, and news feeds on board the vessels. The new system also includes a Coast Guard safety video for routes longer than 15 minutes. The NYC Ferry has partnered with Diversified to manage its digital signage network.

Having a central management system for digital signage is vital for the success of a digital signage network. MetroClick offers a Content Management System that allows retailers to remotely push content to their displays. This eliminates the need to reprint signage, and the hassle of updating content. By combining a cloud-based CMS, digital signage providers can easily update their displays, regardless of where the signage is located.

The new system improves commuters’ experiences on New York Ferry. It allows users to access information about ferry arrival times, the status of Citi Bike, and locations of nearby bus stops. Additionally, it provides information for passengers on board the boats, including news feeds, menu boards, and colorful advertising. During long routes, a Coast Guard safety video is also displayed on the screens. The system was managed by Diversified, which is a digital signage provider.

In addition to improving commuters’ experiences, the system also provides real-time information to New Yorkers. The new system displays information on dockside information, the status of Citi Bike, and bus stops nearby. The interactive digital signage network is a vital part of the NYC subway network and offers valuable lessons for digital signage suppliers and users alike. It also offers a scalability solution, and it’s an essential part of the public transport system for the city.