Benefits of a Wayfinding Kiosk in Brooklyn, NYC

Wayfinding Kiosks are a great asset for any business in Brooklyn, NYC. They help customers find their way through the business, and they offer employees a way to improve their customer service. When you add in the benefits of wayfinding though, you have a winning combination that can’t fail. Here are just five of the many ways that a wayfinding kiosk can benefit your business in Brooklyn, NYC.

benefits of wayfinding kiosk

Improve Customer Service: The most obvious way that a wayfinding business can benefit you is that it will allow you to gather more information about your customer in Brooklyn, NYC. When people know where they’re going, they tend to enjoy their shopping experience more. This means more impulse buys, and more overall impulse purchases. If you can get them to stop and take a look at information about your store before they leave, you can increase your profits. Talk with your wayfinding kiosk about how you can include maps, directions, and more so that customers can quickly locate their way through your doors.

Keep Your Staff Happy: Wayfinding kiosks in Brooklyn, NYC can also benefit your staff by allowing your front desk to gather information about shoppers before they enter your store. By providing this information up front, you can reduce the time that the front desk has to spend collecting it. Instead, they can be doing other things, and your sales staff will have more time to focus on other issues at hand such as filling orders or answering phones.

Improve Customer Support: Another of the many benefits of wayfinding kiosks in Brooklyn, NYC is that they can improve customer aid. Often when people are lost or confused they will ask for directions. Chances are if they don’t get a map from the front desk they’ll go somewhere else to ask for directions. A wayfinding kiosk can put these individuals in the proper direction, showing them where everything is and helping them make informed choices before asking for assistance. This means less time spent asking for help and more time helping customers find what they need.

Improve Customer Relationships: Wayfinding kiosks in Brooklyn, NYC can build strong relationships with customers by helping them find their way through your store. When they see how happy your employees are, they’ll want to be around your store. They may even keep coming back, which will mean that your business will grow. When your customers leave your establishment happy they’re likely to tell others about their great experience. Word-of-mouth advertising is an extremely powerful tool and wayfinding kiosks can really help boost this campaign.

Provide Prompt Information: When a customer comes into your store, there is often a lot to take in. If you have a wayfinding kiosk in place, they will have information at their fingertips the entire time. That means less need for an actual staff member to provide that information. For instance, if a customer needs directions the wayfinding kiosks could be calling up a map or providing them with phone numbers to several businesses along the way. Another benefit of wayfinding kiosks in Brooklyn, NYC is that they can provide information about closed roads, bathrooms, gas stations and so on. Having this information available at a touch of a button instead of having to ask a question can mean more business for your company.

Provide Support: As you can see from all of the benefits above, wayfinding kiosks in Brooklyn, NYC not only provide convenience for your customers, but they also provide support for your staff members. Your employees might need directions somewhere, but if they don’t know where to go, your staff is going to have to call someone else. By having a wayfinding kiosks in place, your staff doesn’t have to call the store or wait on the phone for a long time. Instead, they can go to where the customer needs to go immediately and be treated with respect.

There are many other benefits of a Wayfinding Kiosks in Brooklyn, NYC. If you’re not yet using one, now is as good a time as any to get one in place. If your business seems to have started to slow down, it may be a sign that your customers are becoming frustrated. A wayfinding kiosks can help by quickly providing direction and addressing concerns.