Digital Display Coolers Bring Digital Billboards to the Mall in New York

In-store billboards are becoming an increasingly popular way to entice consumers in New York , and one company is testing technology that embeds cameras and digital screens in the doors of digital display coolers. These displays are capable of displaying information such as product pricing and menus, and can even serve advertising based on an individual’s age, gender, and location. As a result, these coolers will have a much more personalized customer experience than traditional billboards.

digital display coolers

Digital display coolers can help brands reach new consumers in a more engaging manner. A recent Wall Street Journal article reported that Walgreens has begun testing the technology in its stores. The digital cooler door is designed to use sensors and cameras to identify a consumer’s preferences and to serve targeted ads in real time. Other companies, such as startup Cooler Screens, are experimenting with digital doors for their coolers. Their touchscreens show a preview of products inside.

Retail partners can also benefit from digital display coolers. Walgreens, for example, is testing the technology in six stores and plans to expand the trial to other locations. The company is also working with other major retailers, including Target and Kroger. If successful, Walgreens will eventually roll out the technology in more than 2,500 locations. While the digital screen isn’t touch-enabled, it can generate sales lift of 50 to 100 percent in the cooler aisle, according to the Wall Street Journal. As a result, the company plans to broaden its distribution across the U.S.

Walgreens, Apple, and other retailers have also invested in digital cooler doors. In November 2018, the Wall Street Journal reported that Walgreens was testing digital cooler doors. Microsoft-backed startup Cooler Screens says its technology can display the foods and drinks on the shelf on the front of the refrigerator and is working with Apple to commercialize it. The Cooler Screens has already raised $80million. There are many more retail partners vying for the same opportunity.

Another company that is bringing digital cooler doors to the mall is Cooler Screens. These screens are extremely large screens embedded in glass cooler doors. They are the world’s largest in-store digital merchandising platform. The full-door ads are visible even when no one is in the aisle, attracting customers’ attention as they pass by. For those who are concerned about privacy, the technology can be a great benefit.

The Cooler Screens ecosystem consists of retail partners, brand partners, and technology providers. For example, Walgreens has been the first to test the digital cooler doors. Its ecosystem has already installed these doors in more than two thousand stores, and it plans to roll out the technology to more stores. Its success in New York will ultimately benefit both brands and consumers. The cooler door, the better. The digital screen will not only display products, but it will also feature targeted advertisements.