The Benefits of Packaging Finishing in University Gardens

benefits of packaging finishing

Paper stock you use for packaging sets the foundation for its aesthetics. While most packaging is printed on solid bleached sulfate paper, there are also an assortment of specialty papers to select.

Finishing touches such as foil stamping, embossing or soft-touch lamination can add an extra special touch to your packaging. Here, discover more about these techniques of finishing.


There are various packaging finishes available in University Gardens, each offering their own benefits and drawbacks. Varnish is one of the more commonly used options, protecting printed materials from environmental influences like moisture while increasing their tensile strength.

Embossing and debossing are popular finishing techniques used to elevate a package’s look and feel, creating a raised print surface perfect for premium products and high-end packaging.

Spot UV offers another aesthetic option with its vibrant shine, perfect for products needing an individual visual appeal, such as cosmetics and tech accessories. Furthermore, Spot UV can also be used to highlight important information on packaging like company logos or product imagery by foil stamping or embossing techniques.


Durability is of utmost importance in packaging printing, with environmental conditions like rainwater and dust being paramount in keeping prints protected. There are various finishing options available to increase durability of products and prints such as soft touch varnish.

Your choice of print materials finish will depend on what aesthetic you wish to achieve. Gloss finishes can add vibrant shine and pair nicely with metallic colors; while matte provides a more subdued aesthetic. Both options also work well when combined with spot varnishing or embossing techniques.

Varnish is an effective way to preserve prints, but its effects on the environment can be substantial. By reducing usage, choosing recycled materials, and properly disposing of your varnish, you can decrease its environmental footprint. Furthermore, consider alternative finishing methods with lower environmental impacts, such as laminates or water-based coatings.


Eco-friendly materials and processes are vitally important to companies. But it is vitally important that businesses understand the distinction between eco-friendly and green. “Green” refers to products made from renewable natural resources that do not harm the environment while “eco-friendly” encompasses social as well as economic considerations when making purchasing decisions.

FTC Green Guidelines require companies labeling products as eco-friendly to provide details regarding why this is true, otherwise such claims could be misleading and damage the environment unknowingly.

Foils and finishing go hand in hand, offering many different options to choose from. Matte foils work especially well when embossing to add texture; soft-touch foils feature deeper matt finishes that feel pleasant against your hands – these works also work well when embellished further by debossing.


Packaging systems that meet customer expectations can significantly boost efficiency and decrease costs for any company. One method to reduce packaging expenses is by cutting extra features such as thank-you notes or business cards inserted in packages – these additional elements add significantly to overall costs while increasing fulfilment times; they may even consume resources and require special storage spaces or comply with local OH&S regulations.

Gloss varnishing is a widely utilized finishing technique that adds vibrant, glossy hues to printed materials, giving them a premium appearance and feeling, which increases customer trust in the brand, leading to higher sales and repeat purchases.

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Postponing packaging can reduce overall supply chain costs for businesses by eliminating unnecessary steps, improving manufacturing efficiencies and capital utilization rates while decreasing transportation (via density) and warehousing expenses – leading to a more efficient distribution network that offers customers better service.