Digital Display Coolers Bring Digital Billboards to the Mall in New York

In-store billboards are becoming an increasingly popular way to entice consumers in New York , and one company is testing technology that embeds cameras and digital screens in the doors of digital display coolers. These displays are capable of displaying information such as product pricing and menus, and can even serve advertising based on an individual's age, gender, and location. As a result, these coolers will have a much more personalized customer experience than traditional billboards. Digital Read more [...]

Choosing Smart Glass Suppliers in New York

A key consideration when selecting a Smart Glass supplier in New York is the experience of the company. A long-term experience in the business is essential. Choosing a company that works with switchable film manufacturers is the best way to ensure quality and the latest technology. In addition, a supplier that specializes in manufacturing and developing smart glass films will have a dedicated team of engineers and scientists dedicated to your project. These experts will make sure that your project Read more [...]